The Need to consume

Over a year ago, I dropped off Nancy at school and was driving home when George asked to go to the supermarket. George was two years old and an avid supermarket fan. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it's the fun trolley ride or putting a coin into the cancer kid's money spinner. Whatever the reason, his day was (and still is) made when we have a supermarket visit.


Culling my book collection

I'll be the first to put my hand up and say I judge a book by it's cover (and I mean actual books, not people, ha!) The pretty books get prized position on my bookshelf. I get a little burst of happiness just looking at them!

But these books that I value so highly aren't just pretty faces. When I was downsizing my book collection several months ago, I thought a lot about what a friend of mine once told me...


We have some news..

... baby #4, due 2nd of December 2018!
We are happily anticipating the arrival of this sweet baby boy to complete our little family. We already love you, *whatever-your-name-is!

*(We have a shortlist of names we both really like, but have seperate favourites! So it's a bit of a game trying to convince the other as to why our preferred name is best, haha!)



Almost 8 months in, and I'm finally getting around to sharing some of our new house photos! Admittedly, a lot of things have already changed, but nothing is really complete yet so we will stick to the before's today. There has been a lot of painting, fixing, building, and gardening over these past few months. And coming into winter, a few things have jumped to the top of the to do list (like effective heating. Ha!) But regardless of the the ever-continuing list of to-dos, I am as happy as anything here. Every window I look out of, I see green! The garden is full of birds, constantly chirping all day long. Our neighbours are the epitome of what neighbours should be. SO KIND. The dining room I will forever and always swoon over on rainy days, and with all the changes we will one day make years down the track, I can see what this house is going to be. And it will be wonderful! Ty and I had often in the past tossed around the idea of purchasing a home to renovate, and I have to say, I'm now glad that this is the house we chose because the amount of work that needs doing is just the right amount for us. I think a full blown renovation project, especially with three young children, would have been way out of our comfort zone (and abilities!) but here, there is enough to keep us happily busy over the coming years, while still living those years comfortably. I really do believe this house will be our forever home! (I'm confident of this because Ty and I are already discussing plans to knockdown and rebuild the old shed at the back of the garden where I will relocate my art studio, when the kids have moved out. Ha!)
SO here are a few, not so great quality pictures of our little home by the river, that I utterly adore!


Moving house

We moved into our new home almost a month ago. Woohoo!
It's definitely  a crazy time of year to move, a week before Christmas when there seems to be so much to do and school is finishing up for the year. But, I have a confession... I love moving house! I love packing and planning and preparing. I love the anticipation of something new. (You know what I don't love though? The cleaning. Bleugh.)
I was determined to be organised, for this move to go as smoothly as possible. And it did!
So here are my 4  top tips that made moving a million times easier. If you're able, it really does help keep the sanity in check, and the excitement for a new adventure high.

1. Declutter weeks before you have to move.
 This is the main tip that made all the difference! It's true that moving is the perfect time to take stock of your possessions and get rid of the excess and unnecessary. BUT, if you leave the decluttering till packing and moving day, it will never happen! There are too many other things to get done. It will feel so much easier to just shove everything in a box and postpone the decluttering till another time. Which really just makes your unpacking job harder and more time consuming. So if you know a few weeks ahead of time that a house move is on the cards, get started on getting rid of the excess and junk straight away. ESPECIALLY the junk. Expired bathroom products, ancient pantry items, random rubbish and papers, everything. It makes the whole process more manageable and it is such a nice feeling knowing that everything you are taking to the next house is ONLY the useful and loved items. (Which then makes unpacking in your new home a real joy.)