Little Joan's birth story

Our sweet baby girl is here! She arrived 3 months ago, and when she decided to come, she came fast! I still haven't wrapped my head around it. It was so unexpected and so different from my other two labours. 

October 5th was my due date, but I was pretty confident she wouldn't come till the 7th because 1. Both Nancy and George were two days overdue and 2. The 7th was my birthday. It seemed inevitable to me that she would make her entrance on the same day I did and that my birthday would forever more be forgotten.
Sure enough, my due day came and went, and Friday morning, the 7th of October, I woke up to Nancy and George bringing me a milkshake in bed and some steady, uncomfortable contractions...


An interview with Nancy Mae


Me: Hi Nancy 

Nancy: Hi Mum 

Me: Can I ask you some questions? 

Nancy: *nods* 


What i'm packing in my hospital bag

Two weeks to go and we're all just waiting on you now, baby. Bassinet is set up and ready, clothes are washed and folded, and hospital bags are packed (which is probably my most favourite thing to do). I find it really satisfying trying to get my hospital checklist down to the smallest number of necessary items. Third time around and I'm feeling like I've got a good idea of what to expect

baby number 3

Baby number 3 will be making her appearance in a few short weeks. We are so excited! This year has gone soooo fast, but at the same time it's dragged on forever! I don't know how that's possible, but it's true. I am so ready to meet this baby, and so is the rest of the family. Just in this last week I hit that "I feel like a watermelon and I want to be able to move again" stage, which is always a sure sign that the due date is approaching. Nancy is so excited, she gives daily recommendations for possible names, my favourites being Iridescent, Soldier, Curly or Errabella. They are some strong contenders, that's for sure. 😂  George seems reasonably aware of what's going on. If he hears the word baby he pats my belly and gives it a kiss, so I'm taking that to mean he's excited too. Ty says this pregnancy has sort of run away from him. Like I had just woke him up and told him I was pregnant and then he blinked and here we are. And in a way I've felt the same. With two other kids to look after it's usually not till I'm lying in bed at night and feel her move inside me that I'm reminded we'll be a family of five soon. I'm quite confident it's going to be a crazy, exhausting blur for a few months once she comes, but I'm also 100% confident the blur is going to be wonderful.



green fields + grey skies

I've started painting again, and oh, how I've missed it. It's been put off and pushed to the side and neglected because of lots of reasons; the main being I had somehow convinced myself that the only possible way I could paint with little children running around is if I had my own seperate studio space. Which is utterly ridiculous.

(even though a studio would be awesome.)