We've bought a house!

And I think it might just be our forever home!  I had nearly given up hope of finding an old home with character in our area which is mostly new developments or beach shacks. I was sure that to get a place with most of my wish list I would need to build and replicate a lot of the old house charm. But just days after we signed the contract to sell on our current house, this sweet little place came on the market! It felt like it was meant to be.

It's the perfect size for us, is in a great location with a pretty established garden, and has space for an art studio, which is a dream come true! It's not in perfect condition... the bathroom is dated and will need replacing in a few years and the laundry and kitchen would benefit from a few updates... but I love that too! I'm excited to really make it ours. 

I'll do another post with more photos in the coming weeks, if you're interested to see :)

Hope you have the best weekend!


A fresh start

This blog is having a refresh.

I drew my first treehouse on the Paint program of an old Microsoft computer when I was 12 years old. It wasn't much to look at, but that tree fuelled my daydreams and drawings for the next 13 years. I would spend hours lying in bed with tree houses and pirate ships and troll tunnels taped up on my wall, dreaming of stories and imagining myself exploring their hidden rooms and climbing those rickety ladders. I loved getting lost in the mazes of my imagination.

The name, A Rainy Day House, comes from my love of being home on cold, wet days, when the inklings of boredom start to creep in. Boredom is when the imagination thrives.  As a mother, I want to share with my children what I know, in a way that's exciting for them. I hope they capture the joy of a novel, a pencil, a story. I hope they dream. I hope they'll always be comfortable in talking to their mum and dad. I hope they have great memories of dinner around the well-loved old dining table.

I'm also an advocate for living simpler - to have a home that's thoughtful, uncluttered, and a sensible size for us. To buy responsibly, and preferably pre-loved. To create less waste and use less plastic. To eat food that is healthy and fresh. To not get caught up in being "busy" and miss the opportunities and moments that make life so good.

I'm trying to make good memories with my family. I'm trying to share the joy of imagination. And I'm trying to make a home that is beautifully simple and - most importantly - that is happy and safe.

It's a journey which I've been travelling for a few years, but the documentation of it begins now. I'm not in any way an expert, but maybe if you hope to achieve these things too, we could share this road together. 



Little Joan's birth story

Our sweet baby girl is here! She arrived 3 months ago, and when she decided to come, she came fast! I still haven't wrapped my head around it. It was so unexpected and so different from my other two labours. 

October 5th was my due date, but I was pretty confident she wouldn't come till the 7th because 1. Both Nancy and George were two days overdue and 2. The 7th was my birthday. It seemed inevitable to me that she would make her entrance on the same day I did and that my birthday would forever more be forgotten.
Sure enough, my due day came and went, and Friday morning, the 7th of October, I woke up to Nancy and George bringing me a milkshake in bed and some steady, uncomfortable contractions...


An interview with Nancy Mae


Me: Hi Nancy 

Nancy: Hi Mum 

Me: Can I ask you some questions? 

Nancy: *nods* 


What i'm packing in my hospital bag

Two weeks to go and we're all just waiting on you now, baby. Bassinet is set up and ready, clothes are washed and folded, and hospital bags are packed (which is probably my most favourite thing to do). I find it really satisfying trying to get my hospital checklist down to the smallest number of necessary items. Third time around and I'm feeling like I've got a good idea of what to expect