My chill music man...

I have an absolute obsession for Michael Buble. He has become my new, chill music man. The man I turn to (aside from the obvious) in distress, anger, happiness, sadness, contentment or confusion. I love his voice and his songs. My new favourite of his that has only recently had a music video made is "Haven't Met You Yet"
Watch it.

Fall in love with it with me.


  1. Sam! I am SO excited you have started blogging again- it is great!! =) Love the pics down the side, they fit you perfectly =)

  2. Haha thanks Makayla! Im gonna have to add you to my friend list of bloggers.. not sure how to do that? hmmm ill work it out haha

  3. Looks like you've got that sorted now =) You have to click "follow" at the top of a blog u wana follow to make it appear on your blogroll- the thingy when u sign in lol