My Christmas wish-list...

I am a major fan of Jane Austen and her works. My absolute favourite of all her writings would be the very romantic and whitty Pride and Prejudice. I feel I know the book by heart since I have read it so many times, and I really can never get sick of it.
I have found, while randomly searching Etsy, the most sweetest P&P handmade things by a very clever person named Brookish.
I often look at her things and each time I tell myself that one day I will buy something from her.
So this year my Christmas wish-list involves mugs, dish towels and T-shirts, all cleverly made with P&P quotes and lines.

I also came across this button by another maker.
"I'd rather be at Pemberley"
I love it.


  1. Pride and Prejudice is my all time fav novel! Jane Austen is awesome. Love these items you have posted, will check Brookish out.

  2. I love Jane Austin too. Love, love, love her!!! I think I have every movie ever made from her books on DVD. I just saw that you've put me on your blog roll - Yay!!! Thank you Sam I Am :D

  3. love your new blog sammy!!
    im a big fan of etsy stuff too. i spend too much time very late at night admiring the beautiful handmade creations (i should be sleeping- the moment i jump into bed, the kids wake up!)
    hope you're doing well x

  4. Etsy is just sooo cool! I LOVE the section called "geekery" hehe. I guess that makes me a geek tho =P

  5. JANE AUSTINs books are amazing, timeless! This is an awesome post. I think every Pride and Prejudice fan wants this stuff on their wishlist :P

  6. Sorry to disagree. I tried to read Emma and found it so annoying. Are her other books any good? Love the movies though!