Etsy Loooove...

Yes, I'm back.
You can thank my homework for that.
Funny how when you have assignments due you suddenly think of a hundred things you could otherwise be doing.
Like writing a blog.
So this afternoon I have been doing a little Etsy-ing.
And I've said before how much I love etsy, but I have found a new seller whose things I absolutely adore.
Wall stickers seem to be the new thing, and I am a big fan.
My personal favourites are...
This signpost...
(how awesome is this?! You can custom design what you would like the signs to say!)



& birds.

Awesome wall stickers found at Single Stone Studios


  1. YAY!! I had just about given up on your blog Sam! How cool are those stickers! I love the giraffe growth chart - would be so cool in a babies room. Actually I love ALL of them.

  2. I love all of these sam... makes me want to paint one of our walls red and put the "i do love you" one on there :)

  3. Coolness Sam. That growth chart is so cute! Nice to see you are blogging again. Love your header.

  4. I was on Etsy the other day and was telling mum about all these great wall stickers! I absolutely LOVE them all!! I so want some!!! Great to see a post =)