Tree Birds.

I feel sorry for my two soul sisters at times. It seems whatever my interests may be, their birthday and christmas presents are always something related to it.
Last Christmas were cook books.
The birthdays before were 5 blocks of chocolate (that's when I was going through my "no chocolate eating' stage)
The Christmas before that were black and white, sillouhette paintings, always depicting some sweet, 'naaawww' worthy scene. (I am a soppy romantic)

So this birthday, my dear Tj, you will be recieving my latest love.
Trees and birds.
I confess, this present is VERY late, however I'm sure you understand ;)

I think I got a bit carried away in the making however, and have far more than necessary. You can pick which one you like, and as for the rest... well, I guess I could turn my room into some sort of bird menargerie. :)


  1. I'm so excited Sammy :D they're so so pretty! I love them all! :D hahaha. Yay! This is great.

  2. Hope you don't mind me popping by but when I saw the picture on Lisa's blogroll I just had to come and have a look.
    They are really cute {at first I thought they were something you had bought}.

  3. Sam- they are Awesome!!! How cool! How cleaver are you!? :) Love them!

  4. You made these?? That is so cool! :D Great job!

  5. Oh wow! Love love love them!!!!!! They are unreal and I think you should sell them xxx

  6. these are cool sam... for some reason they remind me of grandma joan- not sure why. maybe the whole nature thing :) great job!