While warmth was sleeping, he painted her likeness on the soft, sugar carpet...

Recall those days:
the white flowers
of winter faded
And life spread across
the page once more.

Whispering in silence:
the popcorn blanket
spread across the treetops
and waves of colour
emerged from
their sea grave.

Light grew:
As the ancient drank
lost photographs
were discovered
and the young cried
as the sunset
warmed their aging backs.

The old tyre swung
its pendulum of time:
the children played
as gold fell
from the oaktree's height
and they danced.

Then we sat under it's
fading gown:
it was there
you said goodbye.
'She has her seasons,'
you said,
'and so do we.'

Now, as winter's flowers grow
and the bitter winds
steal some happiness,
as the waves of colour
rise and fall
and the vibrant hoop spins
think of me.


  1. sam, this is evocative and simple. i like. no, i like like.

  2. hmmm thanks carli! I'm doing English Writing as one of my courses, so I'm trying my hand at poetry haha. I've come to like it :)