My little cosy...

If you have never said "Excuse me" to a parking meter or tripped over a tree root growing through a crack in the cement, you are probably wasting too much valuable reading time.
I cannot count the number of occasions that I have been laughed at in school, because I have been too engrossed in my books to hear a single word spoken to me.
I have an obsession with reading. I simply love it. I get ubsurdly excited over book discussions and if I was invited to join a Jane Austen Bookclub I would probably faint.
When me and my siblings were younger, our form of punishment if we behaved badly was confiscation.
Dale and Jack lost their Gameboys, Lego, or were banned from the computer for a week.
Lizzie lost her dolls, was sent to her room, or wasn't allowed to go outside to play.
Me, I lost my books.
Banned from reading, I'm sure that's a novelty.
I can remember clearly one summer's day when I was about 12. I was in the sunroom, book in hand, and my dad walks in and looks at me with concern. He says quite seriously,
"Sam, all I have ever seen you do this holidays is read. Don't you want to go outside, or spend time with friends?"
His honest anxiety at my sanity was touching.
Perhaps I was a weird child.
Be that as it may, my habits of nesting in my cosy little hole and reading novels has stuck with me up till now. (But may I add that I have learnt to prioritize my time a little more appropriately.)
I suppose I am the type of person that struggles to understand how some cannot have the yearning to read. It is a blindness of mine, I know. However, I still have to agree with the wise words of J. W. Eagan - "Never judge a book by it's movie."
I would infact, be most content, if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.
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  1. Sam!! I am EXACTLY the same! My parents used to always say "go outside!!" ... I used to get in trouble for reading books while eating dinner HAHA. Love it! I understand you perfectly :)