You will be home soon.
Have I mentioned lately that I miss you?
I miss both of you, of course.

Did you know, that things will be so very different when you get home.
Lizzie has grown quite tall, taller than me.
She is 13, but she acts like she's 20.
She's very funny, our sister.

And I am married.
Married! Me?!
I like it very much.
You will like your new brother.

Soon, when you will be home, we will all of us, sit up late and drink hot chocolates, and chat about things both important and insignificant.

I can't wait to talk insignificant things with you again.

And soon, a little while longer, but soon, our other brother will be home too.

I miss you both.


  1. Not long now! Waiting sucks...but it'll go quickly :D I still can't believe you are married different.

  2. Its amazing to think how much things have changed after two years have gone and come around! Time flies, how terribly exciting for you :D

  3. Yay! That is so exciting Sam.. I bet your Mummy & Daddy have really enjoyed having just Lizzie at home for a couple months. Maybe Dale will get married soon and get you a new sister too!

  4. p.s: would you mind if it was Collette? ;)

  5. insignificant chats are what family is all about! ;)
    can't wait to see dig again.

  6. wow - not long now! How exciting :)