This day...

is a wonderful day, for many reasons.

1. Waking up to the drumming of rain on the roof made me smile. I love the rain.

2. Teaching seminary, a spiritually uplifting start to the day.

3. The smell of bacon and eggs in the air as my husband cooks a hearty breakfast.

4. An appointment with Service Tas which means I will finally be taking down my P-plates.

5. The thought of my gumboots sa-loshing as I walk around the thriving metropolis of Launceston.

6. Seeing my Mum and Dad and sister dear.

what makes this day most wonderfully wonderful, more then any other reason I can think of, more then bacon and eggs or gumboots or raindrops, is...

7. Dale's coming home.


  1. NO WAY!!!! I can't imagine how excited you all must be. How wonderful a reunion it will be. xx

  2. Eeek! Excitement! Have a fabulous day Sammy! x

  3. An awesome day indeed! Sooo excited for you! :D