A Temple Wedding

A wonderful day for a wedding, weather aside.

(I love this photo. It captures a moment so wonderfully. The flurry between shots as everyone jostles into position, valiantly battling the wind. Look at the married couple. Happily content with each other in the midst of chaos.)

Here is Rachael, the newest addition to the Prebble clan.

She already fits in so well. She, and my big brother dear, are like hot chocolates with marshmallows on rainy days.

Just perfect.

Only two more to come, and then we're complete (excluding grand-kids).

The groomsmen looked dashing, the bridesmaids dressed to impress.

And typical Jack, in all his lack-of-emotion and cardboard-ness, hit it off instantly with the ladies. Even as a cut-out he's got charm.

Us Prebble girls are pretty pleased. We're even in ranks again. 4 males, 4 females. It's always great having another on our side.
And we do dearly love Rach :)

I think Dale does too :)


On a side note, baby-belly is finally deciding to pop, with only 12 weeks left.

And my mother and me, becoming scarily similar in appearance. I think she's slowly looking younger, as I'm slowly getting older.

I'm glad I have your genes mummy. I consider myself lucky.

I could have landed dad's.


  1. Ha ha love this post. Looks like it was a wonderful day :D Love the last picture...and comment :D

  2. Looks like a beautiful day Sam, despite the weather. I bet your baby bump is looking very cute indeed. :)

  3. Ha ha! 12 weeks that is so quick!! Looks like a really lovely family wedding xxx Carli