.baby bump.

The baby bump.
I am super excited because we now own an iPhone which means I now have an easy to use camera with the-bad-photo-fixing-wonders of instagram (hence all the decapitated self portraits).

Today has been a bit of a rainy day, and not just because it rained. Rainy days are inspire me days, the I-can-create-wonders days.
Not many wonders were actually created, admittedly, but after a bit of household cleaning and a thorough perusal of pinterest, I felt completely motivated and wrote a looooong list of to-dos which I gradually narrowed down to three main things.

1. Prepare for baby. Yes, only nine weeks left and I feel thoroughly unprepared in the physical sense. Still so much to buy and make and do.

2. Blog. I want to start recording our day-to-day lives more. Not just because no. 1 is on the way, but because recent events have made me realize how important the day-to-day things are. They matter, even if only to me. Journal writing was a no go, because I always give up halfway due to either hand cramps or disgust at my un-beautiful writing. And journals are easily misplaced. So blogging it was.


3. Draw something. Achieved. I got down and I did it. I don't draw as much as I used too. No school means no bored scribbles in my text books on a daily basis. I miss it. I think I need to draw more.

I was happy with the finished result, which is a rare occurrence. Perhaps I'll frame it.

And that was my rainy day. I like them. So rain, come when you please. You make a productive person out of me.


On a random, only-really-matters-to-me side note, we have grass! I'd almost given up hope. Laying seeds in the heat of summer was a risky move, but after constant TLC and a few overcast days it paid off. We now have a wild (but soon to be mowed, thanks Ty!) lawn for our friendly wallaby neighbours to poop all over.)



  1. Sounds wonderful Sam. It does wonders when we get our creative juices flowing. 9 weeks now that is exciting, you have such a cute compact bump :)

  2. Glad you're back. Can't wait for more news!

  3. In agreeance with your mothership!

  4. Love the tummy, love that you have an iPhone and love that you are blogging again :)

  5. Yay for the update. what a gorgeous pregnant lady you are! look forward to hearing more on the blog xxx

  6. Yeah blog life! You seriously have an adorable bump :D And wow you have some drawing skills!!! Definitely frame it!

  7. Draw, draw, draw and paint! and then do it all over again. It's how us creative types stay sane in life. Great drawing by the way. Is that a watercolour wash in the background??