I have been itching to do a bit of decorating in the baby's room and have loved the numberless ideas that creative minded people have posted on the internet. While living in a newly built rental does limit the options a bit (the chalkboard wall was out), I found something that I liked just as much, which was simple, easy to do and best of all, easy to remove. 

Paper bunting.

Bunting does seem to be the hot thing at the moment and though I'm not usually one to conform with the latest fashion, I don't mind following a crowd if said crowd have awesome decorating taste. 

So in two simple hours bubs wall went from plain to kinda cute. (Never mind that the rest of the room is in disarray with Ty's excess clothes, old schoolbooks and the ironing board).

Want to make a paper bunting too?

Here's how in 6 easy steps.

1. Choose some thick card paper in design of your choice and cut out several triangles, any size, it's up to you.

2. Choose some string. It can be anything from bakers twine to fishing line. For myself I used some Craft thread, which is light and comes in heaps of pretty colours. 

3. Poke 4 holes in each individual bunting, 2 one side and 2 the other.

4. Thread your string through the holes in the bunting, starting from behind.

5. Continue with the rest of your bunting. You can adjust the distances between each bunting by just dragging them along the string. (Because you threaded the bunting they won't slide along the string on their own).

6. Attach to wall! (I used masking tape because my bunting was very light and I didn't wan't to put any nails in the wall.)

And you're done. Really simple, really.


(The clothes are washed, folded and put away ready for the big day. I wish all my clothes could fit snugly onto one shelf like that!)



  1. I actually enjoyed pre washing all the baby clothes. I took photos of our clothes line choc a block full of baby clothes. Such exciting times. The bunting is very cute by the way. x

  2. i have been going to do that with material in my grandkids room..but the paper is less work after your tutorial..might opt for the paper the bubba clothes all stacked and ready..nest building they call it i think???..cluck cluck...not long now!!!!

  3. This is so cute! Such a good idea for rentals! I would love to do this in my room. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. The bunting looks cute. Definitely 'in' at the moment. Not long now till bub :D

  5. I love that feeling too, the getting ready one!

  6. It's all very exciting, you'll be a wonderful mum Sam!

    P.S. Love your quote below, I completely agree but sometimes lose sight of it! (It's a nice little reminder)

  7. such pretty bunting!! its hard to make a rental "homey" but this is a great idea! So excited for you - you have a lucky baby having you for its mum !