Nancy Mae

Nancy Mae Triffitt

Born 26th April 2012
4:14 am
Weighing 6 pounds, 15 ounces

( Possibly the cutest face I have ever seen. )

Things I already love about you, Nancy Noo

Your soft mop of brown hair I like to rub my cheek all over

Your hungry mouth. The perfect little 'o' as you swing your head from side to side, desperately searching for a feed

Your crying face. How it must frustrate you that I chuckle every time you cry, because that face you make is just too cute

 I am quite smitten with you. 
Your dad is quite smitten with you. 

Bringing you here was long and hard 

but oh-so worth it. 


  1. She is very cute indeed! :D I hear it was a're a champion!!

  2. She is so teeny and precious. All newborns are beautiful but not all are the most human looking if you get what I mean:-) Nancy is one of the prettiest, more perfect newborns I've ever seen. But then, she has your gorgeousness for her mother. xxx

  3. How beautiful, isn't it amazing how you just LOVE them xxx

  4. Congratulations! She's such a cutie. I love her. xxx

  5. awwww...i need another cuddle! nance...

  6. Congratulations on becoming three! She is so gorgeous Sam! x