4 months old

"I am 4 months old!" 

Oh Nancy girl, you are so delicious! You are the best baby I could possibly have ever asked for. You sleep all night and are an absolute delight during the day. You even let me dress you up in crazy head scarves! {You look so cute I just can't help myself}. You are now beginning to wear 00 and you have doubled your birth weight! Yay! You smile and talk a lot, especially when you just wake up from naps, and you are starting to giggle, but only around your mum and dad. Time is going so fast, I'm excited to see what this next stage brings but at the same time... STOP! Before I know it you will be running around playing with your cousins. 

We love you so much, Noo. Thanks for choosing us.

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  1. It does go way too fast. I can still remember you guys coming over one day and helping give Sarra a bath..... and now she is high school next year. Nancy Noo is absolutely gorgeous. xx