The Weekend (part one)

This book arrived in the mail and I am so excited! I have been hanging out for this one for a while. I'm still working my way through the 288 pages. If you want an interior design book that is worth your money, this is it!


These two are going to be the best of friends/cousins! I love how they are getting older and more interactive with each other. I love Poppy's little beauty spot and Nancy's bushy eyebrows. They're gonna be heart breakers!



Deloraine Ward's annual Halloween party at the Websters was quite a bit of fun and very family friendly. There were sausages, decorated car boots, hay bale tractor rides and a hired face painter for the kids! Twenty minutes before leaving home we were scrounging around for some costume ideas, and this is what we came up with. Gangnam Psy, Swiss cheese and the cutest little lamb!


After my previous failed attempts at gardening (coriander, mint, parsley and the supposedly un-destroyable forget-me-nots all dead in a week) I was ready to hang up my gardening gloves. Until I saw some cheap plant cuttings for sale and thought I'd give it one more go. This time I went straight to a professional with all the right gear, and two weeks later they are still going strong! I will be so happy if these little trees manage to make it.

Speaking of which, I better go water them.