All hands on deck.

Does your husband change many nappies in your home?
Now that Nancy has really started to move, Ty's nappy changes usually go something like this...

"Oh... uh oh, Sam she's starting to move, I can't... whoa, hold up... wait, just hold still... Sam! Sam, I can't do this, she's... ah stop! Sam, she's moving everywhere, I... SAM! SAM HELP ME, I CAN'T DO THIS! No, Nancy stop, don't put your hands there... SAM!! SAM!!! THIS ISN'T FUNNY SHE'S... wait... no, don't eat that... SAM! HELP ME! I CAN'T DO THIS, THIS IS A TWO MAN JOB, I... AHHH! SAM!

No joke.

Needless to say, I do most of the changes in this household.