The flu among other things...

The dreaded flu has hit. I was lucky though, I got off easy with just a day of feeling horrid. My fingers are crossed that I didn't pass it on to Noo. Both her and Ty have already had the sick bug recently so hopefully she's safe. So our last few days have been filled with a lot of not-muchness. Plus, when Ty saw that Apple were releasing the iPad mini, he had our "prehistoric" iPad 2 up on eBay in a jiffy. I have been without an iPad/camera/instagram for two weeks and I have never gone so long without taking at least 50 plus photos of Nancy a day. I think I'm having withdrawals... *chuckle* (just kidding).

While these last few days have been quiet, our weekend wasn't. My brother Dale and his wife Rachael are expecting a little girl early December and we are all so excited! It will be my parents second grandchild and I couldn't be more grateful that Nancy has girl cousins so close in age on both sides of the family.

On Saturday we all gathered for a family (men included) baby shower at Punchbowl Park. The weather was perfect and Nancy was just so delightful all day (aside from the poo all over the new car seat incident). I was in such a good mood that I even joined in on a game of cricket (my first form of strenuous exercise in over a year) and consequently ripped my pants. Right up the seam. In the crotch area.
Ah well , life happens I suppose and it was worth it.

Rachael, you make a lovely almost full term pregnant lady. I didn't get any good photos of the mum to be, but here she is resting on her camping chair opening presents.


We had our ward bonfire that night. I love bonfires. I love just sitting close to the warmth and thinking about anything while people chat and eat and play around me, and with Nancy snuggled like a tortilla in my arms.

This photo of Ty gave me a strong flashback to a time a few years ago, before we were dating, when I would secretly watch him at YSA and Youth activities because I was so in love. We had barely even spoken to each other. And now we are married with a little girl. How funny and wonderful life is.