i love quiches! they are great for a quick throw together meal and it's fun experimenting with different flavours. this one is super tasty, super easy and super quick! you don't even need pastry for this baby. i've used a few of my favourite flavors like sun-dried tomato and mint, but you could easily mix it up with other vegetables or herbs. so here's the how to...


heat your oven to 180'C (or 160 for fan-forced)
chop the mint and chives roughly (no need to be precious about it)
whisk together eggs and philadelphia in a medium sized bowl
add the sundried tomatoes, mint, peas and chives to the egg mixture and stir it up
throw in some seasoning
spray inside of your regular size pie dish with olive oil
pour in egg mixture and crumble the fetta over the top
bake for around 40 minutes or until you think it is nicely cooked

told you it was easy. i served mine with a simple salad and some chicken because we had a crowd come around for dinner, but the quiche and salad on its own would feed 4 regular eaters. super tasty and nice and healthy. have fun cooking!

xx Bret


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I made this for tea but had
    No mint peas sundrieds or Philly, so well pretty
    Much just eggs and feta. I used bacon, parsley (
    Cos it's green) fresh tomato onion and some almost
    Off cream!

  2. Yummy! Love your ingredients photo :)