HELLO 2013

*Give more - whatever it may be. Time, talents, a note to say "I'm thinking of you". Anything that will make my days more about others and less about me.
* Love Nancy more - I already feel like my heart is at bursting point in this regard, but I could definitely work on the way that I show my love. I want to make sure that I'm really there for her, physically AND emotionally.
* Make it happen - So many things that I want to do and ideas that I have that require more energy than standard daily tasks often got pushed to the back of the queue and I spend my time instead doing something not as wonderful or creative. I want to change that.
*Remember birthdays - I have the worst memory when it comes to dates and events.
*Make every meal in Jamie's 30 Minute Meals - I'm excited for this one. I love good food!
*Another blog! - Leanne and I are finally going to put our love of creative and beautiful things to good use, and are going to start a blog. It's in the early planning stages, but we have big dreams for it, full of DIYs and graphic designs and recipes and homely loves.
*Study my Scriptures - So many important principles and eternal truths are in the scriptures. I need to take more time to read and learn and think and ask questions and pray. 
*More date/family time - I would love to spend more time going and doing things with Ty and Nancy, travelling Tasmania, making memories, or even just the occasional night out for dinner or a picnic under the stars. Small, always-will-remember type of things.
*Don't take anything for granted - We are so blessed. I am so blessed. I have to remember to appreciate all I have, and also remember that when it comes down to it, nothing matters more than the gospel and my family. 

As a family we have some big goals for this year as well. Goals that take time and hard work and faith.  
It will be a good year.