i'll confess. i have a major food crush on jamie oliver. not only does he sound amazing, but his food tastes amazing too! and i love the way he writes in his cookbooks... "turn the grill onto full whack, add a glug of this and a sprinkle of that till it's all nice and beau'iful lookin'..."

oh yeah. he's my favourite. so this year i have challenged myself to cook every meal in jamie's 30 minute meals. that's... 50 meals! (wowza, i just counted then. maybe i've bitten off more than i could chew. haha.)

anyway, the first Mr O meal of the year was his summer veg lasagne and tuscan tomato salad. and it was divine! really fresh and healthy tasting.  the thing about most of jamie's meals is that the ingredients can be pretty expensive. and sometimes there are a lot. (see below).

so i make sure i save his meals for special occasions. like when nancye comes to visit. :) 

if you don't have jamie's book already, i highly recommend it. yummo!

xx Bret


  1. looks delicious. that is my favorite cook book at the moment, everything i have made out of it is so good. i think it is his best book by far and can't wait to try 15 minute meals.

    1. Agreed Steph! I'm hoping to get his 15 minute meals soon.