About 4 weeks to go (but probably 5) and I'm feeling pretty positive. We are much more prepared this time round, both mentally and physically so we are mostly all excitement. Though, once the labour starts for real I may well cry my eyes out. Please, oh please little boy, get one up on your sister early and come much faster and easier into this world. Please, your mumma is begging. If you do, I'll give you some chocolate when you are old enough to eat it.
Kidding aside (only not really) I'm actually looking forward in a way to the experience. I'm determined to do better, be more relaxed, let my body do what it knows to do and just trust and hope that second time round will be a breeze compared to the first. And if anyone suggests that I should walk for an entire day as soon as I feel my first contraction to help "speed things up", I will laugh and laugh and laugh and climb into bed and sleep.
Seriously, don't do it. Worst decision ever.


  1. I had major anxiety about giving birth again, it would hit me and give me panic attacks .. I was so adamant this time that I'd get everything I possibly could pain wise ( since the first time I was so pro natural I had nothing ) and then she came so quickly I didn't have time to bother.. Each birth is different. I am thinking if you! No advice. Just thinking if you x

  2. YOU WILL BE AWESOME! And I'm excited too!

  3. Lert is go let it go don't hold it back anyMOOOOOORRRREEEE!!!!