Three years with this delightful girl. She is full of words and funny phrases, is thoughtful and so very inquisitive. I receive daily lectures on the evolution of caterpillars, and constant reminders that "the plant grows up, up, up into a beautiful flower!" 
She tells stories that almost always include a "but there was a pwoblem", and the subject of mixing colours can keep her occupied for hours. 
She loves to talk. My goodness does she love to talk. If I need a few moments to get something done, I just dial a relative, hand her the phone and off she goes for 30 minutes non-stop. They'll be lucky to get a word in before she finishes talking and hangs up.  
She's like a sponge, absorbing every detail and conversation. I am so aware that now is the time to really teach and share and show.  
You keep me on my toes Nancy-noo, and remind me daily to see the wonder in things. 
I love you.

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