An interview with Nancy Mae


Me: Hi Nancy 

Nancy: Hi Mum 

Me: Can I ask you some questions? 

Nancy: *nods* 

Me: Ok. Can you tell me how old you are? 

Nancy: Four. 

Me: You're four? When do you turn five? 

Nancy: In autumn! 

Me: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Can you tell me what's your favourite colour? 

Nancy: Red 

Me: Red, red is your favourite? Why do you like red? 

Nancy: Because I changed my mind and I don't like pink anymore, I just like red but I just like some kind of pink. 

Me: Yeah, ok. That's nice. What's your favourite animal? 

Nancy: Hmmm giraffes. 

Me: Giraffes? Why do you like giraffes? 

Nancy: Because they have got a really really long neck, maybe if there was a giraffe in the house it was gonna be really tall as the wall up there! (Points to ceiling) 

Me: Woah. You know I reckon it would be actually. Maybe even taller. What's your favourite food? 

Nancy: Hmmmm, I like muffins to eat when we make them. 

Me: Hmmm that sounds nice, anything else? 

Nancy:  Ummm... I like tomato soup. 

Me: Tomato soup, do you really? Well that's a surprise. 

Nancy:  But I don't like really garlic soup but I like some kind of garlic in a tomato soup. 

Me: Yeah, ok. Some kind. Yeah I can understand that. Can you tell me a little bit about your family? 

Nancy:  You, me, Georgie, and daddy! 

Me: And daddy! Tell me about George. 

Nancy:  George... haha! Georgie is a cute little boy. He is a cute little brother. He is a cute little kid. 

Me: What about daddy, tell me about dad. 

Nancy:  He's really funny and... and... we always play head over horsey at night. 

Me: Head over horsey? 

Nancy:  Yeah but, I've got a new game. Scare the scarecrow. 

Me: Oh wow, that's a good one. 

Nancy:  It's got a... its got a crow and it scares the scare-scare-scarecrow. 

Me: Wow. Tell me about your mummy. 

Nancy:  Mummy is beautiful. 

Me: Oh! Thank you. That's so nice of you to say. And what about what's inside mummy's belly? 

Nancy:  BABY! A girl, a girl, a girl! 

Me: Yeah! Alright, can you tell me about your friends? Who are your friends? 

Nancy:  Alice, Oakley, and Parker. 

Me: Who else? I think you've got more than that. 

Nancy:  Ummm Poppy, Annabelle, Jesse and Toran. 

Me: Oh that's nice, are they all the kids in the class at your primary? 

Nancy:  Yeah. 

Me: It's so nice you're all friends together. Who's your favourite person that you spend time with? 

Nancy: Ummm.... I like Alice. And I like Parker when he comes to my house. 

Me: That is nice when he comes and visits, isn't it. What makes you happy? 

Nancy: Ummm... Parties when it's someones birthday. 

Me: That's an awesome one. What makes you sad? 

Nancy:  Hmmmm... When I'm lost and then dragons... dragons come and hit me. 

Me: Oh yeah. I don't like when dragons come hit me either. What makes you frightened? 

Nancy:  Ummm... just when someone laughs when they tip over my ice cream. 

Me: Oh yeah. That's not so nice is it. And what makes you brave? 

Nancy:  Ummmm... I'm brave of a whooshing volcano. Its... cause I like... I really run, I just run, run and fly out of the volcanoes... of the vol... canoes... the volcanoes lava. yeah. 

Me: Oh wow. Yeah. That's very brave. Volcanoes, lava... What are you excited for right now? 

Nancy:  Ummm. I'm excited for the busy bee play date. 

Me: The busy bee playdate tomorrow? At aunty Steph's, that will be fun. What do you want to do when you grow up? 

Nancy:  Hmmmm... I wanna work on the iPad like you do. 

Me: Hahahahah! Yeah, thats good, haha. What sort of work? 

Nancy:  I like, I like to work on daddy's screen on his computer, so I can work all the buttons and make him... and make him a new card from when it's his birthday,  from the computer. 

Me: Great. That sounds like a great thing to do. Is there anything else you would like to say? 

Nancy:  Hmmm yes. When... when the bees hurt me I tell you when they hurt me and when to put on really big plasters for when bees come and do a really, really, really, really big sting. 

Me: Oh yeah. 

Nancy:  That hurts me. 

Me: Yeah, that would. Well thank you for having this interview with me. We will do it again some time. 

Nancy: *nods* 

Me: Bye bye! 

Nancy: Hehehehe! You're my mum, you don't say bye to me! He he! ...

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  1. Awww how sweet! I love the comment "You're my mum, you don't say bye to me!" Isn't that the truth. As a 30 year old with a very awesome mum, its never bye, its I love you, talk soon.