We've bought a house!

And I think it might just be our forever home!  I had nearly given up hope of finding an old home with character in our area which is mostly new developments or beach shacks. I was sure that to get a place with most of my wish list I would need to build and replicate a lot of the old house charm. But just days after we signed the contract to sell on our current house, this sweet little place came on the market! It felt like it was meant to be.

It's the perfect size for us, is in a great location with a pretty established garden, and has space for an art studio, which is a dream come true! It's not in perfect condition... the bathroom is dated and will need replacing in a few years and the laundry and kitchen would benefit from a few updates... but I love that too! I'm excited to really make it ours. 

I'll do another post with more photos in the coming weeks, if you're interested to see :)

Hope you have the best weekend!

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