The name, A Rainy Day House, comes from my love of being home on cold, wet days, when the inklings of boredom start to creep in. Boredom is when the imagination thrives.

I drew my first treehouse on the Paint program of an old Microsoft computer when I was 12 years old. It wasn't much to look at, but that tree fuelled my daydreams and drawings for the next 13 years. I would spend hours lying in bed with tree houses and pirate ships and troll tunnels taped up on my wall, dreaming of stories and imagining myself exploring their hidden rooms and climbing those rickety ladders. I loved getting lost in the mazes of my imagination.

My name's Samantha, and I'm an artist and illustrator, a mother, a wife, a simple living advocate, a Hogwarts alumna, a reader, a closet organiser, an eternal optimist, and a follower of Christ.

Thanks for reading. x